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Digital Clerk
pilot program will begin in the first half of 2014 (limited availability).

Providing Intelligent Communication Solutions to the Healthcare Industry.

Vita Digital, Inc is dedicated to offering intelligent and intuitive systems to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of today's health care professional.

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Our Products

Our solutions leverage the power of cloud, voice, online, and mobile technologies to alleviate the burdens of interacting with outdated systems and allows healthcare professionals to concentrate on coordinating care to the best of their ability.

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Request a Demo

Contact us if you are interested in investigating how we can improve your individual or department-level communication workflow or if you would like to schedule a demo.

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About Vita Digital, Inc.

Vita Digital leverages its talent of over 20 years of experience in the emergency medicine and enterprise software development fields to introduce intelligent systems to address some of the long standing inefficiencies that reside in the healthcare field.

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Vita Digital, Inc will attend the Georgia College of Emergency Physicians 2013 Medical Directors & Leadership Forum!

Vita Digital will discuss and demonstrate how Digital Clerk can improve the communication process between emergency physicians, nurses, and specialists.

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